Capilano- North Vancouver

Capilano- North Vancouver
Photo Credits: Nandan Shanbhag


Pink Skies

Pink Skies
Photo Credits: Priyanka Kamath

Shilpa Shenoy

Photo Credits: Shilpa Shenoy

Arvind Kamath

Photo Credits: Arvind Kamath

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About us

The Ontario Konkani Association was formed when a few Konkani families got together as an informal group in 1988 to celebrate Diwali. As our numbers grew, the need for a formal organization was evident. Today, the association has close to 400 registered members and holds several events annually.
Our Mission:
To bring the Konkani community together and to promote and preserve Konkani culture and heritage through education, art, language, charitable and recreational  activities and events.
The Executive Committee (EC) is responsible for managing the day-to-day affairs of the organization and has elected  members as President, Vice President, Entertainment Coordinator, Food Coordinator, Treasurer, Webmaster, and Youth representatives, with all these positions ably assisted by Joint Coordinators.  The Vice President and Joint Coordinators are elected as President and main Coordinators for the subsequent term.
Our Events:
Our traditional annual events include Diwali, Navratri, Ugadi, Satyanarayana Puja and Annual Picnic. OKA’s Senior Forum develops and implements sociocultural programs to help community seniors. Konkani Premier League (KPL) holds a cricket tournament in the summer for members of all ages. With the pandemic and lockdown since 2020, OKA has had to innovate and evolve and has been hosting several virtual events to keep the community connected. In 2006, OKA hosted the North American Konkani Sammelan in Hamilton, Ontario.

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Upcoming Events

Sports Day
SatyaNarayan Pooja
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Explore Our Past Events

Satyanarayan Puja
Dandiya 2022
OKA KPL 2022
OKA Picnic 2022
Sunehri Diwali
Ugadi Utsav 2023
Satyanarayan Puja 2023
Samsar Padvo
Bollywood trivia
Navratri Utsav
Gharantu Garba
Shravan Sunday
BINGO Afternoon
Deepa Virtuvali
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05-Vivek Benegal

Courtesy: Vivek Benegal

04 – Keri Keri Beauty

Keri Keri Beauty
Courtesy: Shanta Ragde

05-Vivek Benegal

Running Horses
Courtesy: Vivek Benegal

11 – Reflections _ Refractions

Power of Silence
Courtesy: Renuka Kamath

Pie _ Pi-Nandita Yedery 150

Courtesy: Nandita Yedery

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“If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.” – By Edward Hopper

This column features our very talented community through their exhibits. Click the image to access their gallery