KAOCA (Konkani Association Of California) is proud to announce a new alliance program: “KAOCA Sangam”– to bring eligible Konkanis together and ensure our Konkani heritage and language is intact for eternity!

Konkanis are already a small community worldwide and shrinking because of inter-community marriages. Konkani, as a language, as a cultural community and our Konkani Saraswat identity needs to be preserved for future generations.

“KAOCA Sangam” is a small effort to ensure the continuity of our Konkani Saraswat language and culture  developed for eligible Konkanis of marriageable age and intention to get to know each other and hopefully find their suitable match.

Looking for a Konkani match will be a 3-step process.

1) Registration:

Register your details here:

(Only if you are a Konkani or have a Konkani background/roots.)

2) Verification:

An appointed KAOCA committee member will contact you personally and will verify the information that you provided, including checking if you are a Konkani or have a Konkani background.

3) Access to prospects:

Once you are verified by the appointed KAOCA committee member, then you will be able to access suitable prospects who have registered and have been verified.


KAOCA is not liable for:
1.Whether the person you are interacting with is a Konkani or has a Konkani background.

2. The outcome of the interaction you have with prospects, in terms of any emotional, social or financial implications.

3.The success of the subsequent alliance.

For any questions about “KAOCA Sangam”, please email

Please spread the word about “KAOCA Sangam” to your worldwide Konkani friends and relatives who may benefit from this program.

Devu Baren Koro,
For the KAOCA 2020 Committee
Kedar and Preeti Kodikal