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“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”....Walt Disney

Most of you know our entrepreneur for the month, Nandita Yedery for her painting artistry. I hope you have visited her art gallery and enjoyed her paintings on our website www.ontariokonkanis.com. Please support our artists by visiting their galleries, following them on social media and referring them to friends & colleagues.

Besides being an artist-painter, Nandita is also an energy healer. I decided to spotlight her business ‘Healing with Inspiration – Alternative & Holistic Health Service’ for this month for its uniqueness. Her profession of energy healing intrigues me so much so that when I spoke to my daughters about it, they decided to have a session with Nandita.

Since their session, both my daughters have already booked their follow up sessions with her. I was curious and asked of their experience. They said it was very relaxing and an amazing experience and would encourage everyone to try a session. Just as we routinely visit our massage/physio therapist for aches and pains or take our pets to see a vet, energy healing also provides a similar effect. In their own words “unlike massage where it is dependent on how much pressure is exerted by the therapist, there is no physical contact in these sessions and yet it is so relaxing that we almost fell asleep.” Needless to say, I am booking a session with Nandita.

I was surprised when Nandita said she has been practising energy healing for over 25 years. It is a profession yet to gain prominence in the western world. She is a Reiki Master, Angelic Healing practitioner, Interspecies communicator, and a Healing Art Therapist. She follows Master Mikao Usui’s Reiki method of channeling healing and has international certification. Her sessions include a combination of Reiki with Archangel healing.

Reiki healing dates back about 2500 years and was forgotten for a long time. This energy healing method has its roots from India. It passed through Tibet and China to Japan where Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered it. Energy healing experience gives real and profound results. As a channel, the practitioners can literally feel the energy flow through their hands. The client feels the warmth, some see colors, and some feel the vibration. They all find it very relaxing. It is a profound feeling which starts to positively change things around them, their body and life.

Archangel or Angelic healing is a form of Energy healing. Angelic beings are celestial intermediaries between God and humanity.  In Angelic Healing, the angels or archangels guide practitioners (therapists) while they work with the client. The therapist is a vessel to let the healing of the angels pass into the client. The therapist is open to this energy and is fully guided by the angels. 

Nandita talks about how she was drawn to it at an early age…“I always knew the direction of my path. As a child healing came naturally to me and I would unknowingly channel healing to stray animals.  As a young adult I came to know of it as Reiki and since then started training. I came across Archangel healing similarly and researched and started to self train initially and later started training from a teacher.  With guidance from higher beings, I am encouraged to learn more energy healing practices and I will soon start working with those modalities. Before I start my session, I connect to archangel energy, angelic beings, and spirit guides for their guidance and protection.

I do this work in a very high vibration room. This combination of abilities helps me work fluidly to see, understand, and access information which most often the client does not know, and in the case of animal clients they are unable to express to their owners. This pure positive high vibrational energy is channeled directly to the individual and their higher self”.

Nandita says, healing works on an individual’s free will and it is effective when one has faith, trust and one surrenders to the universal life force. She connects to Universal energy, which can also be channeled to plants, homes and business locations to increase the vibration; bring about positive outcomes; address health problems and illnesses. She is attuned to channel this healing energy and give direction. This gentle energy is highly recommended when one is dealing with stress, emotional issues and trauma effects which take physical form on their body.

Nandita also does Reiki facial for skin relaxion and regeneration. For specific pain related issues, energy is directly channeled to the root cause location, it eliminates the underlying energy imbalance that is causing the disease. Though healing results are not immediate in long and prolonged issues, and requires numerous sessions, yet it works wonders with every session.

As an Alternate Healing Practitioner, Nandita wants as many people to experience Reiki & Angel medicine healing. Her sessions are generally 30-40 mins long and are available on weekends: Sat – 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Sun – 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Charges are $50 & upwards for each session.

Clients can contact ‘Healing With Inspiration’ for either in-person or distance healing by email art4uboutique@gmail.com or by phone or text +1 905- 867-1845 or send a message by visiting her website here.  

I am looking forward to having my energy healing session…why not indulge yourselves for much needed relaxation?

Art 4 U Boutique Inc. – Healing With Inspiration is open for business and takes steps to help protect your health by following all applicable laws and regulations concerning COVID-19 safety.

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