Gen Z

"A person's a person, no matter the age" - Dr Seuss

Arjun (7) and Rohan (3) were both born in North Carolina and moved to Canada with their parents 2.5 years ago. Both the kids acclimated well to their new life in Regina, Saskatchewan by enjoying the gorgeous prairie summers and bracing the cold winters.

Arjun and Rohan now live in Vaughan, Ontario. Arjun is very outgoing and makes new friends quickly. He also enjoys solving his math problems and probably is the most vocal voice in his classroom, regardless of online or in person learning.

Rohan is quite different from Arjun. Rohan tends to be shy and an introvert, but he is a troublemaker! He loves music and art !! He recognizes patterns and structures easily and recited numbers and alphabets way early for his age.

Both the kids love the outdoors! They love the sun and playing in the sand (of course). They can’t wait to meet other children in the OKA group and make new friends !!

We wish you all the very best with everything and hope you have a great year ahead !!

About the author…

Neha Mallya is a Chartered Accountant and currently in the unchartered territories of motherhood. In her spare time Neha loves to write…