SaleCanada Inc.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”....Walt Disney

I have met so many who all have dreams and I am always impressed with the many who have made it come alive. One of them happens to be my own sister Padma (Surya) Kamath. Since childhood she had a dream to start her own business, and as she grew older and acquired all her experiences and qualifications, her determination grew stronger. Over the past 4 years, I have seen her set her vision in motion and couldn’t be more proud as she partnered with a friend to realize her dream: SaleCanada Inc.

This flagship company, SaleCanada Inc. is a Canadian eCommerce and Wholesale-Dropshipping company that sells a wide range of New and Refurbished Electronics, Televisions, Small Home appliances, Computer Hardware, Designer fragrances, Health & Personal Care among others. The company is located in Hamilton, Ontario.  I encourage you to explore their website for awesome deals you may have been in search of.

SaleCanada Inc. has been in business for about 3 years now. In a short time, they have managed to provide a wide range of services and products in both wholesale and retail environment, besides being a distributor for various product lines. I have attempted to capture a bird’s eye view of their various divisions.

  1. Online eCommerce: With over $3M worth of inventory, SaleCanada is active on 15 marketplaces including Amazon, Best Buy, e-Bay, Walmart etc. You will find a wide breadth of products from small appliances to health and beauty products, TVs, Electronics, and Home and Décor items to name a few. They are poised to triple their inventory to over $10M in the next 2 to 5 years.
  • Wholesale: As wholesalers, SaleCanada has a vast network of buyers & sellers in North America and across the globe providing access to highly competitive pricing for their products. Their innovative formula of supporting B2B has attracted many small businesses to partner with them.
  • Services: Besides providing Drop Shipping services, SaleCanada also manages online marketplaces for their clients along with Trademark registration, Logo Design, to name a few.

In addition, Padma’s passion and determination to have her own identity in the marketplace has led to the creation of 2 unique brands NAavya and NAAV.

NAavya – Brand takes pride in marketing handmade product offerings from artisans across the globe who have kept their designs for generations within their families, often in danger of being lost. Their product offerings include items such as silk clutches, bags in fashion accessories, festival product items, cushion covers, runners, bedspreads in the home décor category. NAavya believes in supporting these artisan women and their creations with the goal of making these women self reliant. A percentage of the proceeds from their sales is set aside to support like charities.  You can always learn more about NAavya brand by visiting their website

NAAV Furniture and Décor:  Handcrafted Canadian wood products that are sourced from Canadian wood are marketed under this brand.

As an ecommerce entrepreneur, Padma believes in helping others achieve their dream of starting their own businesses. She and SaleCanada welcome those who are interested, to contact her to help realize their dreams.

About the author…
Surekha Shenoy is a Strategic Business Consultant and has worked with SMBs across North America for over 20 years. She is deeply passionate about supporting small businesses. In her free time, she loves to study the stars…