Gen Z – A day in the life of the twins

"A person's a person, no matter the age" - Dr Seuss

Arya and Atreya Panindra (5 years)

Parents- Priyanka Kamath and Panindra Radhakrishnan share with us- ‘A day in the Life of the Twins’:


Arya is an early riser and loves waking us up early on weekends. Atreya however loves snuggling in his baby (aka blanket :)) for a lot longer. Arya hates seeing his brother still sleeping and does everything possible to wake him up. Trying to get in between them – “Is the biggest mistake one could ever make!!”.

After they are out of bed, everything else in their morning routine is a healthy competition of who is ‘First’- accompanied by a lot of chaos and cries and shouts and laughter!! Thankfully we live in a corner unit condo, so we don’t end up waking the neighbors!!

Once they are dressed up, they rush out from the room and -Wait for it… Hug us tight and shower us with good morning kisses!! Oh, how we will miss those once they grow up !! 🙁

After a glass full of milk, they are off to school. Those little byes every morning are painful, but the sparkle in their eyes and innocent smiles make our day!!

Mid-day to dawn:

Once they are back from school, our neat and tidy home is ready for attack!! Every toy, every book is all over the place!! Our dream of a perfect and beautifully setup house is but a distant dream for now!!

At their age, hunger pangs are at it’s peak, and every half hour, we get asked for food. Thanks to the easily accessible world we are in, snack options are vast!! Be it fresh fruits, yogurt, pancakes or cheese sticks – they are easy options to feed the little tummies!!

It is then- a tug of war every evening between Television and outdoor time!! Thankfully both of them mutually agree on their options and we get to enjoy our cups of coffee while watching them enjoy their shows 🙂

Dawn to Bed :

This is the most challenging time of the day, as both of them are super tired!! They insist on eating together, brushing together and sleeping together!! How we wish for an extra pair of arms and legs!! The twins then hit the bed and are off to Dreamland!! The super exhausted parents return to cleaning the super messed-up house!!

While a part of us wishes they grow up quick, a bigger part of us prays that they always stay our small babies forever!! 

The best part about Atreya and Arya is that- They are inseparable!! They cannot stay apart from each other even for a single minute!! If one is offered food, he ensures he fills in a bowl for the other. If one is hurt, the other runs to comfort him!! They are best friends for life and we pray that their bond lasts for eternity!!

Thank you Priyanka and Pani for sharing your daily schedule with us!! We loved every minute of the journey!! We wish them all the very best with everything and hope they have a great fun year ahead!!

We also wish you tons of strength and good luck in this journey!!

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