Gen Z – Aarnavi and Vivaan Kamath

"A person's a person, no matter the age" - Dr Seuss

Say Hello to our OKA Gen Z –  Aarnavi Kamath (9 yrs.) and Vivaan Kamath (6 yrs.)

Parents: Purnima and Kiranraj Kamath

Aarnavi and Vivaan, great having you both here!! Please introduce yourselves.

Aarnavi : Hi everyone,  I’m Aarnavi Kamath. I’m 9 years old and I live in Ottawa.

I like to rollerblade, ride my bike and play Minecraft and Roblox. Amma shouts at me when I play too much. Does yours too?? 

I love dalitoy, saarupkari, sabudana khichadi and buns that Amma makes. But Annu is my favorite chef!! He makes yummy pav bhaji!!

I have lived in Chicago, Dallas and Raleigh before moving to Canada! I have so many friends there and I still keep in touch with them through Facebook Messenger Kids!! I would love to be your friend too!!

Oh and did you know?

I am a brown belt at Tae Kwon Do and have won medals at regional and national championships held at Dallas and Raleigh!!

I’m going to go now and let my little brother introduce himself or he’ll get mad at me !! 

Vivaan : Hi everyone, I’m Vivaan Kamath. I’m 6 years old.

I love to play with my Hot Wheels cars, ride my bike and play with Luna, our neighbour’s pet dog. I also play Minecraft and Roblox with Akka. Amma shouts at Akka and not me because I think I’m her favorite!! ?

I’m shy with strangers and do not talk as much as Akka does. She is a chatterbox!!

I don’t have many friends yet as this is my first year going back to school. My best friend is my Ajja who lives in Pune. He talks to me in English and I tell him to repeat all that in Amchigele!! 

I love food! I like chicken biryani that Annu makes and cheppi daali made by Amma!! 

And all that talk about food is now making me hungry, so I’m going to go and ask my parents for food!!

Bye bye!!

Hey Aarnavi and Vivaan, it was a pleasure getting to know you !! We wish you both all the very best with everything and hope you have a great fun year ahead!! Vivaan- We hope that you make lots of friends and we pray that nobody ever picks a fight with Aarnavi!! ?

Dear OKA members, please let us know if you wish to showcase your kid or grandkid (no matter the age) or if you simply wish to share any of their art/achievements/funny incidents etc. with us. We would love to know more about our OKA Gen Z.

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