Dr. Lucky Lakshmanan, supporter of OKA receives Order of Canada

We are extremely happy that Dr. V. I. (Lucky) Lakshmanan, has been conferred with the highly prestigious Order of Canada by the Office of the Governor General of Canada For his philanthropy and for his expertise in hydrometallurgy and business, which have greatly benefited his profession, community and Canada-India relations”.

Dr. Lakshmanan is one of the Founders of Sringeri Vidya Bharati Foundation Canada and currently he is Chairman of SVBF Canada. For nearly 50 years, he has helped and mentored countless newcomers to Canada to settle, find jobs and become contributing members of the community. 

Dr. Lakshmanan has always shown great interest in the OKA activities and wholeheartedly supported OKA Senior’s Forum and Health Awareness Program.  His active participation in and financial support to the Health Seminars will never be forgotten.

Dr. V.I. Lakshmanan is an internationally renowned teacher, scientist, and innovator in the area of sustainable development. He has more than 40 years of experience in technology commercialization and skills development initiatives with both private and public sectors including the United Nations. He has successfully guided process technologies from concept through development and demonstration to commercialization for resource, energy and chemical industries.

Dr. Lakshmanan moved to Canada in 1974 after serving as Lecturer at the University of Birmingham, UK. His corporate experience includes positions at Noranda, Eldorado Nuclear, ORTECH Corporation and Process Research ORTECH, the last of which he founded and guided to become a global leader in sustainable process technologies through its laboratory and pilot plant.

While congratulating Dr.  Lucky Lakshmanan for this great achievement, we take this opportunity to thank him for his support to the OKA activities.

*Some of the information was obtained from the announcement by Canada India Foundation on Wednesday, December 29, 2021


TECHNICAL SUPPORT PROGRAM FOR SENIORS: “Super Tech Savvy Seniors” is the brainchild of Ria Koppikar a 11th grade student from Minneapolis to help seniors feel confident and comfortable in the use of the emerging Technology. Ria with her team members Aditya Pai, Ananya Pai and Kiran Swan, all from Canada, is ready to help seniors online. Those who need any assistance in handling emails, phones and computers/programs may email their questions to supertechsavvyseniors@gmail.com. Ria is also looking for youth to help her on the Team. Those who want to volunteer should send an email to the same address. This program is mutually beneficial. We thank Ria for this initiative and wish her all the very best.

OKA EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS PROGRAM: Estate, Will and Power of Attorney and End of Life Planning are two major elements of this OKA Seniors Forum Program.

For preparing Wills and Powers of Attorney you may contact Marvin Talksy (905) 405-0199 ext.  257 or Mary Bojkovski (905) 405-0199 ext. 276 of Nanda & Associate Lawyers. For additional information or assistance, you may also contact Raghunath Kamath or Ashok Bhatt.

For End of Life Planning one may contact Harjinder Bilku of Chapel Ridge Funeral Home at (905) 305-8128 or (647) 966-0093.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS KITS: If you have not received complimentary kits, for a limited time, you may obtain them by sending an email to sadanand.mankikar@gmail.com. Additional small, medium and large size kits at cost may be obtained by sending an email to the same address.

Additional information about OKA Seniors’ Forum is posted on www.ontario-konkanis.com

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