Gen Z – Saachi Ullal

"A person's a person, no matter the age" - Dr Seuss

Happy 2022 everyone!!

The last 2 years have been hard on everyone, especially our Gen Z!! We have also had so many babies in our OKA family who were born amidst the pandemic. These poor babies have lived their birth years being protected and distanced from everybody!!

We have one such little darling this month who wants to say Hi to everybody reading this and wish them a Happy new year !!

This month’s and year’s 1st Gen Z is Sangita and Sanket Ullal’s 11 month old daughter, ‘Saachi’.

Saachi wishes to share a few interesting details about herself…

Saachi- You are so precious!! <3

We all wish to meet you soon too!! Until then, please accept our virtual cuddles and kisses <3

Thank you for bringing smiles to our faces and making the start of this year joyful for all of us 😊

Dear OKA members, please let us know if you wish to showcase your kid or grandkid (no matter the age) or if you simply wish to share any of their art/achievements/funny incidents etc. with us. We would love to know more about our OKA Gen Z.

About the author…

Neha Mallya is a Chartered Accountant and currently in the unchartered territories of motherhood. In her spare time Neha loves to write…