Gen Alpha – Ivaan Kamath

Hello OKA Folks,

Hope all our little ones are keeping safe and enjoying the winter!! We are having quite some snow this year and so many snow days at school as well!!

Parents- Isn’t it so precious when our little ones look up bright-eyed and in wonder at the pristine white snowflakes falling down!! Kids know how to be in the moment and how to enjoy the little things life offers us!! So Let’s all try and be innocent kids this winter and take some time out of our busy days- to take a short walk in the snow or make snow angels in the yard or even have a snowball fight!! And do not forget to have some Hot chocolate handy for after..😊

This month’s Gen Alpha is IVAAN KAMATH

His parents Akshatha and Mahesh Kamath have helped him convey his Hello and introduction to our OKA members:

Hello my Konkani Family – I am Ivaan Kamath!! I am the one and only naughty prince to my parents! I am 2.5 years old and I live in Pickering. I lived in Dallas, Texas before moving here.

For my breakfast- I love to eat Idli with yellow chutney (Ghee)

And for lunch and dinner- Fish and Egg with my rice and Dalithoy!!😋

I like to play with my Mommy and Daddy (well.. Daddy a bit more because he is my superhero🤪).

I love trucks, cars, garbage trucks, fire trucks, and all other vehicles which have wheels and gears⚙️😀 I like to fix things with my daddy because I get to play with screws and screwdrivers !! 🤭(It’s very dangerous for a kid my age– I know🙈)

My favourite sport is soccer and Yes, I have broken a lot of things at home playing this !!

(Oh Ivaan.. Guess what !! You are just being a 2-year-old and doing what every other 2-year-old does – being ever curious, discovering things, In the midst of breaking things, and yes- always keeping your parents on their toes!!  :😉)

I always get away with any mischief by following the below script (And yes it always works!!)-

Me: (Making a mess in the kitchen while Mommy is busy)

Mommy: (Starts shouting as she realizes what I have done.)

(Asks me to serve Timeout)

Me: (Using all the words I know)

“It’s ok momma”

“By mistake momma”

“Sorry Momma”

“Ivaan clean it Momma”

Mommy: (Melts, cuddles me and sets out to clean the mess herself !!)

Me: “Always!”

(Ivaan.. you super genius!! You seem to have cracked the code so young!! How are you little ones so smart? Makes us wonder as parents if we should be proud or really worried !! 😉)

The only thing that keeps me grounded is the Silly crocodile that My mommy claims is there in our attic!! I make every attempt in a day to bring him down!! 😉

Ok, gotta go now – to make more of a mess, eat some yummy food and yeah take a good nap!!

See you later, alligator 🐊 Take care and Have fun!!😀

(What a life.. I envy you Ivaan!! Thank you for being so entertaining and such a little darling!! We hope to meet you soon someday and learn more about cars and gears from you!! Until then- Mellya aani gammat Khellya (my Konkani attempt at your See you later, alligator) 😛

Ending with today’s mega dose of Cuteness- Some baby pictures of Ivaan.

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